Senate to vote today on the continuing resolution |

Senate to vote today on the continuing resolution

The Senate is scheduled to convene at noon today to vote on the continuing resolution to fund the government through Dec. 11. The House passed the measure last week.

The CR is expected to pass and will then go to President Donald Trump for his signature before the end of the fiscal year at midnight tonight.

The CR contains a provision to accelerate reimbursements to the Commodity Credit Corporation for net realized losses to allow the Agriculture Department to continue making certain payments to farmers, but it prohibits USDA from using CCC funds to provide payments or support to fossil fuel refiners and importers. The bill also continues the Pandemic EBT program that allows USDA to make payments to the families of children who would lose their free and reduced-price meals because their schools are closed or operating on a reduced schedule. It also contains other nutrition provisions.

The Senate voted Tuesday to invoke cloture on the CR, setting the stage for today’s final vote. The Senate invoked cloture on a vote of 82 to 6, with 12 senators not voting.

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