Sheep industry cites loses |

Sheep industry cites loses

The American Sheep Industry Association estimates $125 million in immediate damages for sheep producers and a $350 million spread over the entire 2020 lamb crop, the Red River Farm Network reported today.

ASIA Executive Director Peter Orwick told RRFN the protein sector lost almost half of its customer base virtually overnight.

“That’s because the food service industry represents 50% of all U.S. lamb sales,” Orwick explained. Some meat processing plants are closed while others are slowed down, he noted.

Earlier, ASIA had written Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue that the payment limits under the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program “would severely restrict the effectiveness of CFAP for many family-owned farms, ranches and feedlots across the nation.”

“We have already seen many of our producers, feeders and processors incur staggering losses reaching far beyond the payment limits contemplated.”

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