Shelli Mader: Coming full circle with a big move back to Colorado |

Shelli Mader: Coming full circle with a big move back to Colorado

It’s nearly seven years to the day, and we are back to where we started. Last week, we made our biggest move yet — 12 hours from Granbury, Texas to Colorado Springs, Colo.

If you’ve been following me for a while, that’s four moves in the last seven years. Three of those moves have been in the last three and a half years. It almost feels like we are in the military without the perk of having movers pack up and deliver our stuff to new houses. (Note: I have so much respect for all of you in the military who endure move after move with the added stress of having family members working in a dangerous job.)

When I was growing up, I always dreamed of moving. My parents grew up in the Strasburg and Bennett, Colo., area and have never lived anywhere else. When I was a kid, we moved three times, but each house was south of Strasburg and was within 5 miles of the previous house.

My parents always talked about moving to Nebraska or Kansas — they even owned a farm in Nebraska for a while — but it just never worked out to move. My dad got the opportunity to farm the place his dad had farmed, so we stayed right where we were.

As a kid, I was pretty disappointed that we didn’t ever move. I dreamed of being the new kid in a school somewhere and meeting new people. Now that I have moved so many times though, all I want to do is stay in one house for the rest of my life.

It feels kind of crazy to have moved so many times. It definitely wasn’t in my life plan. I dreamed of something more like living on a 300-head cattle ranch in Kansas.

But as I’ve learned, life isn’t always what you expect.

A friend from Scott City, Kan., taught me that lesson in a big way. I met her and her cute little boy in a playgroup. She too has a dream of living in the country, though her dream is more of the homestead variety than the cattle ranching one.

Instead of homesteading though, she and her husband are living in northern Colorado now, sometimes making daily trips to Children’s Hospital to help their 3-year-old son battle cancer.

Last time I lived in Colorado Springs, I lived like my life was on hold. We lived in town and I was so disappointed about it, I spent every day disliking where I lived and hoping to move to the country.

This time around, we are renting a house in the middle of Colorado Springs again, but now with the gift of perspective, I am going to try to live every day well. I want to be a good wife, mother and neighbor.

I am going to chose to enjoy the good parts of living in town — things like being able to run to the grocery store in five minutes and take my kids to the dollar movie theater. I think it is good to have dreams — I still have some big ones.

But it is a shame to wait to live until you reach those goals. I made that mistake the first time around. I am thankful that I have a second chance to do it right. ❖

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