Shelli Mader: Move to Falcon, Colo., brings Mader family one step closer to ranching dream |

Shelli Mader: Move to Falcon, Colo., brings Mader family one step closer to ranching dream

It’s been quite a year for my family so far. In January we moved from the Fort Worth Texas area back to Colorado Springs. We’d been gone for seven years and never expected to return to Colorado, but a job offer for my husband brought us back. We found a house to rent in the middle of the city. Though we were thankful to have a place to live (if you haven’t heard about the real estate market in Colorado just know it is crazy and it is difficult to even find a place to rent here), none of us enjoyed living in the middle of such a busy town.

In the beginning of July, I found a new place to rent in Falcon, a smaller town about 8 miles from the edge of Colorado Springs, and we were all pretty excited for the change. However, the timeline of the rental contracts didn’t quite match up, so we were left without a place to live for 10 days. Despite six moves under our belt we had never had that happen before. I spent most of July scouring the internet for hotels or vacation rentals that we could stay in. Unfortunately, finding an affordable hotel to live in during tourist season is almost impossible — especially when you have a dog like we do. Thankfully, due to the kindness of friends, we eventually ended up staying at my friend’s mom’s house for the 10 days. The friend’s mom was out of town so we rented the house from her while she was gone.

So we loaded up all of our be longings except the essentials into a storage unit and moved into the temporary rental. It was quite an experience. Trying to keep someone else’s tiny house clean when four people and a dog are living there inside a maze of breakable belongings was an epic challenge. Thankfully we didn’t manage to damage anything and we left with most of my sanity intact.

After the 10 days we were so excited to move into a house of our own. There is nothing like going through a difficult time to make you appreciate the little things in life!

We’ve been spending the last couple of weeks hauling things from our storage unit to the new rental. I really think I should have six-packs abs right now. I’ve never spent so much time hauling boxes in my whole life. It feels like we’ve moved three times this month — moving things to storage, moving them to a friend’s and then moving them to Falcon.

Though we still have a lot of unpacking to do, we are finally settling in a bit. The house we moved into is still in town, but it is on an acre, so we feel so blessed to live somewhere with a little more room. Falcon is a booming town that seems to get bigger every day, but it does seem to maintain a bit of small-town feel, which we like.

Though we still aren’t anywhere near being able to ranch, or fulfill my new dream of having a horse and a couple cows, somehow it feels like we are finally getting closer. I can’t wait to see what next summer brings! ❖


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