Shelli Mader: Road to Ranching 2-16-13 |

Shelli Mader: Road to Ranching 2-16-13

I like to make homemade things and I like to save money, but I don’t like to do either one of those things if it takes too much time or effort. I have a long list of failed do it yourself projects (laundry detergent, ketchup, shampoo, shower cleaner) so I am scared to put too much time or money into something homemade unless it comes with a strong friend recommendation.

These are some homemade recipes I’ve been making for a long time and they work well. Plus, they will take you less than two minutes each to throw together.

Homemade Counter /

All Purpose Cleaner

1 cup Water

1 cup Vinegar

Tea tree essential oil

Lemon essential oil

Mix water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Add 12 drops of tea tree oil (for antiseptic properties) and lemon oil (for scent, if desired). Shake gently.

Homemade Foaming Soap

2 Tablespoons liquid hand soap (Any non-creamy kind will work)

1 empty Foaming hand soap bottle or a dispenser lid (you can buy online)

Squirt the liquid hand soap into the bottom of the foaming soap bottle. Carefully fill the rest of the bottle with water. Put the lid on and slowly swish the water and soap together. Don’t shake vigorously or you may end up with a sudsy mess.

* This makes a small bottle of liquid hand soap last a really long time — definitely over a year for us!

Homemade Window Cleaner

1 cup White vinegar

1 cup Water

8 drops Essential oil (or you can use 1 drop dish soap.)

Pour all ingredients in a plastic spray bottle and shake well before using.

*If you’re using this for windows or mirrors, use newspaper to clean with — it works surprisingly well.

*And yes, this does have a vinegar smell (essential oil helps some) but the smell disappears minutes after cleaning, so it’s worth it to me.

Homemade Hair Detangler

1 to 2 tablespoons Hair conditioner (I use samples I get in the mail or at hotels)

8 to 10 ounces water

Squirt hair conditioner into bottle, fill with water and shake.

* My daughter has long, tangle-prone hair and this works great. I can’t believe I used to pay $3 a bottle for this! ❖