Shelli Mader: Road to Ranching 4-2-12 |

Shelli Mader: Road to Ranching 4-2-12

I had to pull the first tick out of my son’s hair this week, a sure sign that it is spring here in Hays, Kan. Though the ticks have become a normal part of our life for the past three years, the nightly tick checks are about the only thing that will be typical about this spring.

Since we weren’t planning on moving this summer and haven’t been preparing, we’re working overtime packing and de cluttering. The Hays Goodwill is getting some really nice stuff – mostly because I’m tired of packing things up and my husband is tired of moving boxes. “Do you really need all this stuff?” is a phrase my husband’s been using on me a lot.

We don’t have a place to live in Scott City yet, so we rented a storage unit. My husband has a busy April at his current job, so he’s pushing for us to get most of our stuff moved out soon. We borrowed my parent’s flatbed trailer and thankfully my husband’s perfected the art of strapping things down on it. He’s gotten so good, he doesn’t think we’ll even need to use a stock trailer to move. We’ve taken a couple of loads down there and so far the only casualty has been an unidentified piece of wood. I’m sure we’ll figure out what it was in a few months. I hope it’s not something that we miss too much.

Just in time for the move, we have two cats ready to have kittens. I’m not too concerned about one of the cats – she usually has her kittens in the dog house (or right in the middle of the deck) and never hides them. The other cat keeps her kittens on the move and often we won’t know where they are for weeks. The over-protective mom is my daughter’s favorite – so I hope we can find her and the kittens when it’s time to leave.

My daughter is excited about the move and has become ultra horse crazy especially in the last few weeks (I’m sure my dad hoped that would happen to pay me back). All she wants to pray about at night is getting a horse. She saw the big arena in Scott City last time we were there and she’s just sure she’ll get a horse to ride in it before too long. That doesn’t seem too possible, so I’m glad she’s praying.

My 3-year-old son has been busy hauling doll furniture on his flatbed truck. He is a late talker and is just starting to get understandable. Lately he loves to tell everyone he is a cowboy. He points out that he and his dad are cowboys and that his sister is a cowgirl. I thought it was all sweet and cute until he starting adding that I was a “Cow Mommy.” That is a title I want to lose before we move!

In addition to the packing, I just finished up my MBA (Master’s of Beef Advocacy). There is a training and commencement in Hays next week. I’m so glad there’s one nearby and it’s happening before I leave. I’m excited to attend and look forward to sharing what I learn with you. If you are interested in the free program and can’t wait to find out the details, please visit

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