Shelli Mader: Road to Ranching 5-14-12 |

Shelli Mader: Road to Ranching 5-14-12

I wanted to delay telling you my parent’s ranching story one more week, so I could give you an update on the detour in my ranching story.

My husband has been working in Scott City for two weeks now and is enjoying his job. We struggled and struggled with the decision to move there or to stay in Hays (a place we really like), so it’s good to finally get some confirmation that moving wasn’t a totally bad idea! Most of our moving experiences up until this point haven’t been so pleasant!

Meanwhile, here in Hays my daughter has been finishing her last few days of kindergarten while my 3-year-old and I have been making Goodwill trips, packing boxes and cleaning once-hidden crayon marks off the wall (good thing I don’t know which kid made them!).

Finding a place to live in Scott City has been our biggest moving challenge – there have only been a handful of places come up for rent during the three months that we’ve been looking. Construction and oilfield workers in the area have contributed to a rental crisis in town. Scott City is a popular place to live! We did look at one house to buy in the country, but it turned out to be inexpensive for a reason. That place wasn’t cheap enough for the shape it was in.

We were getting a little desperate for a place in the middle of April, but thankfully a church friend has a sister who lives in Scott City. They offered us a temporary farm hand house to live in about 26 miles from town. My husband had only lived there for a few nights when a man we’d talked with before offered us a duplex to rent in town. We were torn about what to do, but decided it would be easier to go ahead and rent the place in town rather than drive so far and try to kill all the mice that lived in the farmhouse.

So … our road to ranching has led us back into town – for a year at least (we had to sign a rent contract). It seems like quite a detour from our dreams, but this time (unlike the years I lived in Colorado Springs) I’m determined to look at the positive. I’m grateful the place has a big backyard and that I can take our great border collie/Australian shepherd dog with us. The kids are excited about sharing a room and being within walking distance to the pool.

I was thinking about all of my writing and ranching dreams the other day and realized I needed to spend this year of waiting being faithful in the small things in my life. There’s no way I can handle anything bigger if I can’t manage what I have now. I want to be faithful in saving money and paying down debt. I want to write this column well (and not at the last minute). I want to exercise and eat right. I want to live my life with honesty and integrity.

Lately I have fallen into a rut of doing everything half way. I’ve been sort of frugal, sort of clean, sort of working on my writing and sort of trying to work off these stress pounds I gained this winter. My faith in God and the simple math of sowing what I reap has made me realize that there isn’t any way I can expect to achieve more if I’m not faithful in the things I have now.

While living in town again isn’t what I hoped for, I am excited about where we can be a year from now if I begin doing my best at what I have now. I’ll keep you updated.

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