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Short grass country

By Floyd Beard Cowboy Poet and Short Grass Philosopher

It seems that just yesterday it was the holiday season and the first of the year. We just barely turn around and spring is upon us.  How did your New Year’s resolutions pan out? Mine are doing okay. I resolved to take more naps and enjoy the labors of all the ladies in our community when they put forth effort to make up good desserts for any and all occasions. As I advocate to others, do your very best at whatever you are doing, As far as enjoying desserts, I would say I am excelling. I hope you all are doing as well on your resolutions. 

And now March is here. March is named after Mars, the Roman god of war. It’s a rather ominous way to name a month. Then again March can be a blustery rascal and fully live up to its name. Spring is on us. Here in the northern Hemisphere, spring arrives on March 20 this year. Actually in Denver, Colorado spring arrives on the 20 of March at 3:24 p.m. Equinox is a moment in time that the sun passes over the equator as the tilt of the earth moves toward the sun causing the sunrays to strike the northern Hemisphere more directly. The indigenous Cherokee called March,” a nu yi,” or roughly translated to mean, the month of the windy moon.

Though the equinox is a moment in time on a certain day, the signs of spring can be seen for several weeks. And, for added entertainment you can balance an egg on its end on Equinox Day, but be careful as those rascals are expensive. Carelessness could cut into the ranch profit.

As the temperature warms the winter snows and the ice melts. The snowball fights and snowmen built last winter fade into fond memories. The woody plants such as trees and bushes have buds that begin to swell and song birds and other migratory fowl can be seen returning on their long trek back north. On the ranch it is a busy time as baby calves are being born. Those assigned to calving duty make the customary walk through the heavy cows looking for any mamas that might need assistance either in the birth process or in protecting newborns from the cold. Often this time of year is mud season. Many a cowboy has come near meeting his demise from tracking mud across a newly mopped floor or has come near looking for a new laundry person due to some of the clothes he deposits in the pile to be laundered. Spring is an absolutely grand time of year!

Then we add in the month of March with its combative nature and wind. We have all been waiting for spring. Well folks here it is! HAVE A GREAT SPRING EQUINOX AND MARCH EVERYONE!

And let’s go for a nostalgic Ride on horseback and enjoy Nature

Riding in the Wind

There’s them that wax poetic,

About riding on the range.

But they often fail to mention,

How the weather may up and change.

If you spend much time a horseback,

And you’re tough as any Larch.

Chances are you’ve had a turn at riding,

On a windy day in March.

The wind is tearing at your clothes,

Your hat is learning how to fly.

And that beautiful poetic range,

Is now stuck mostly in your eye.

You feel your hat a lifting,

From its roost upon your head.

You grab the crown and mash it down,  

Losing it is now a constant dread.

You feel it is a losing battle,

The wind niggles it lose again.

You wish you had worn a cap,

Cuz you know the wind is gonna win.

Then a hard gust hits you,

And you give a valiant try.

But away your hat goes a sailing,

Like a bird up in the sky.

You would like to go and fetch it,

But you cannot see its landing place.

Your eyes are running rivers,

Of muddy water down your face.

Your nose is leaking snot and mud,

Down across your chin.

You are clawing for your hanky,

But you can’t reach where you tucked it in.

A tumble weed strikes your horse,

He wheels to the right.

You feel mighty lucky.

you were able to hold on tight.

You are blind and can’t seem to breathe,

Your mouth and teeth are full of grit,

And an awful tasting chaff,

You realize is powdered barnyard stuff.

A friend rides up with your hat,

You feel sorry as a louse.

You mutter thanks and quickly say,

I best go check on the coffee at the house.

 Floyd Beard

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