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#showingup for agriculture: Letter requesting Kessler’s immediate removal from vet board

Editor’s Note: The following letter is the one The Fence Post Assistant Editor Rachel Gabel will be sending to Gov. Polis. If you would like to use it to send your own email to his office, you’re welcome to do so. We will also make it available online to allow stakeholders to sign and comment. Those comments and signatures will be delivered as a pdf file to the Governor’s office in the coming week. Again, #showingup for agriculture has never been so vitally important.

You may add your signature and comments to this letter at http://chng.it/XLJjfkWz.

Dear Gov. Polis,

Ellen Kessler, your most recent appointee to the Colorado Board of Veterinary Medicine, has publicly demonstrated a lack of objectivity about the state’s agriculture industry, calling into question, once again, her ability to carry out the responsibility of her seat on the board without personal bias and in a fair and equitable manner. She has violated her oath and the trust of those who depend upon her service by showing, emphatically, that she cannot be impartial in the performance of her duties. I am asking for her immediate resignation or removal from the Board.

Kessler has aligned herself with Direct Action Everywhere, or DxE, by participating in what she called a “disruption” on Oct. 31 at a Denver-area Costco that ended in store management summoning law enforcement to remove Kessler and the other activists. Harassing the state’s businesses and intimidating consumers reflects negatively upon your administration and demonstrates her lack of respect for the honor of serving on the board and the gravity of the tasks at hand. As a public member of the Board, her willingness to flaunt her involvement with and dedication to an extremist group known for illegal activities is in no way representative of most Coloradoans.

In her position, Kessler will be asked to guide and enforce professional standards for veterinary practitioners; will make, amend, and adopt reasonable rules to govern the conduct of veterinary practitioners; and will play a role in interpreting the veterinary practice law onto specific cases in a fair and equitable manner that is in keeping with the intention of the law. The veterinarians in our state that are vital to so many Coloradans ought not be at the mercy of Kessler’s whims or anti-agriculture agenda.

In a statement from your administration, you said you have appointed individuals to boards and commissions based upon their “professional and life backgrounds, not their social media engagement and dietary habits.” Conversely, though, when a person’s activities involve criminal actions, it’s a demonstration of a lack of respect for the rule of law and a lack of respect for the people affected by her inability to faithfully perform her role on the Board.

I appreciate your consideration and again, based on a grave conflict of interest, ask for Kessler’s immediate resignation or removal from the Colorado Board of Veterinary Medicine.


Rachel Gabel


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