Simmental’s American Journey available in print |

Simmental’s American Journey available in print

Bob Hough signing his book, Simmental's American Journey, a history of the Simmental breed.
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BOZEMAN, Mont. — From Nov. 15 to Dec. 10, Simmental’s American Journey written by Bob Hough is available at a discount of 20 percent. Printed as a hardcover, this coffee-table style book provides a comprehensive look at the American Simmental Association’s storied history, tracing the breed from its European roots through its journey to the United States.

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The importation of North America’s first Simmental bull was spearheaded by Travers Smith, a Canadian rancher. Smith hand-picked the first bull, Parisien, and his personal account of the adventure was documented by his daughter and printed in Simmental’s American Journey. Parisien became the first animal registered with ASA.

“Simmental’s American Journey tells the story of a great breed of cattle that originated in Switzerland but crossed the Atlantic ocean in the late 60s. Thanks to Hough, Paulette Cochenour and others who put over 70,000 words and 400 photos into this great book. No doubt if you’re an ag educator you need this book as a reference in your classroom. In fact, if you are a breeder of SimGenetic cattle this would be a great gift for your local ag teachers or county agent,” said Simmental producer Billy Moss, McCormick, S.C.

Hough documents the creation of state associations, ASA, and the association’s founding principles. ASA’s leadership is highlighted throughout the book, including the story of Don Vaniman’s fervent commitment to building the association. The construction of ASA’s original Swiss-style headquarters building, the development of performance measures, technological advancement, the establishment of Simbrah cattle, the history of the American Junior Simmental Association, overcoming industry obstacles, and much more make up the in-depth story of the Simmental breed.

“Simmental’s American Journey isn’t a pretentious stroll through history. Hough candidly tackles the breed’s history through good times and tough years. He stresses the lessons learned at FOCUS 2000 and its pivotal role in our breed’s re-alignment with industry needs. He emphasizes Simmental’s science and performance roots, and frankly depicts the leadership’s strengths and visions. This book accurately conveys the association’s struggles and vitality. It is a must-read for ag history buffs, as well as future cattlemen.” said Susan Russell, Sugar City, Colo., Colorado Simmental Association secretary and treasurer.

Hough, former Red Angus Association of America executive, has authored a variety of works in the beef industry, including the History of Red Angus and Breeds of Cattle. He also served as executive vice president of the North American Limousin Foundation, and now is in semi-retirement as a freelance writer. His previous experience also includes serving as an Extension specialist in both Arizona and Maine. He is a regular contributor to the Western Livestock Journal. Raised in Centre County, Pennsylvania, where his family had a general livestock farm, Hough received his undergraduate degree from Penn State in 1982 in animal production. He received his M.S. from the University of Connecticut and his Ph.D. from Virginia Tech University, both in animal science.

“Hough’s diverse background in breed associations, academia, history writing, and the cattle business made him the ideal choice to pen this book. From the founding fathers to current times, he provides meticulous and fascinating detail on the evolution of ASA and its significant impact on our industry,” said Wade Shafer, ASA’s executive vice president.

Founded in 1968, the American Simmental Association is headquartered in Bozeman, Mont. ASA is committed to leveraging technology, education and collaboration to accelerate genetic profitability for the beef industry. In keeping with its commitment, ASA, along with its partners, formed International Genetic Solutions — the world’s largest multi-breed genetic evaluation of beef cattle. ❖

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