Sitz Angus 54th Annual Fall Bull & Female Sale |

Sitz Angus 54th Annual Fall Bull & Female Sale

No matter how deep you went into the pens the quality of cattle remained high.
Photo by Matt Wznick

TFP Rep: Matt Wznick, Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Dec. 5, 2019

Location: At the Ranch — Harrison, Mont.

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs & Joe Goggins


• 437 Coming Two Year Old Bulls Average $6,737

• 195 Commercial Bred Cows Average $2,230

• 418 Commercial Bred Heifers Average $1,777

Bull Sale Highlights:

• Lot 28 at $165,000, Sitz Resilient 10208; 2/15/18; Sitz Stellar 726D x Sitz Miss Burgess 1856, sold to Bar JV Angus, Fairview, MT, Lund’s B Bar Angus, Wibaux, MT, & Dan Ingalls, Casper, WY

• Lot 3 at $35,000, Sitz Logo 8148; 3/5/18; Sitz Ligo 12964 x Sitz Barbaramere Nell 912, sold to Split Diamond Ranch, Whitehall, MT

• Lot 32 at $30,000, Sitz Ligo 12128; 1/28/18; Sitz Logo x Sitz Ennobles Emma 596, sold to JJ Angus, Connellsville, PA

• Lot 55 at $16,500, Sitz Logo 12868; 1/28/18; Sitz Logo x Sitz Emma E 1861, sold to Harlan Ranches, Kaycee, WY

• Lot 89 at $16,000, Sitz Logo 11048; 2/8/18; Sitz Logo x Sitz Emma E 451, sold to Bird Ranch, Midland, TX

• Lot 190 at $16,000, Sitz Logo 11508; 2/4/18; Sitz Logo x Sitz Elsiemere 2376, sold to Carter Cattle Co., Pingree, ID

Top Commercial Bred Cows:

• $2,550 x 10 head

• $2,500 x 11 head

• $2,425 x 16 head

• $2,375 x 30 head

Top Commercial Bred Heifers:

• $2,250 x 10 head

• $2,200 x 48 head

• $2,100 x 10 head

• $1,975 x 48 head


Dec. 5, 2019, was the 54th Annual SITZ Angus Fall Production Sale, held at the ranch near Harrison, Mont., and marked 96 years for the Sitz family in the Angus industry. Over the many years of raising some of the Angus breeds most influential cattle the family has kept several things in mind weight, fertility, and resilient cattle are what pay. It was evident on sale day that these beliefs have a created a strong loyal following for the program as it was standing room only with both new and repeat buyers filling every seat in the sale barn. Congratulations to the Sitz family and crew on a great sale! ❖


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