Small towns, western traditions and memories that will never be forgotten |

Small towns, western traditions and memories that will never be forgotten

Tracey Nazarenus
Crusaders Equestrian Team

Cheyenne Frontier Days, the Grandaddy Rodeo of them all. Cheyenne is home to the biggest outdoor rodeo in the country and every year they also host the most amazing parades that feature bands, floats and lots of horses. To participate in this parade feels like you are in your own episode of Gunsmoke come to life. The people of Cheyenne are great hosts who truly believe in the old west traditions and it’s rich history.

On July 23, the Crusaders, the first Colorado adult drill team, sponsored by Cinch and Cruel Girl, made their debut in the Frontier Days parade. This group of riders travelled from the small northern Colorado town of Brighton to get a taste of the starlight at the Grandaddy of ’em all where the best cowboys and cowgirls compete.

In the sport of rodeo, you pay to play and only the best take home the money. There are no million dollar contracts, just blood, sweat and a prayer. The Crusaders were proud to make this their debut and be surrounded by the best cowboys in the land.

The Crusaders were also joined by a special young man named Anthony Roberts. Anthony is from England and has taken a year to travel the world. He has had experiences in many countries but said he “had an experience he’ll never forget when he rode with the Crusaders in the Cheyenne parade on a horse named Wyoming.”

Only in America can two small towns and a new equestrian team come together to create a memory for a young man from a country without any rodeos.

Through their charity work, the Crusaders hope to create hope for those without any. With their impressive horsemanship and strong values, the Crusaders hope to make a positive contribution. The Crusaders wish to thank Cheyenne for it’s hospitality and look forward to next year.

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