So vegetarian fed chickens, hmmmmm |

So vegetarian fed chickens, hmmmmm

I just have to share this with you because it is hilarious. Supposedly Trader Jo’s mislabeled 2 percent organic milk as from “vegetarian fed chickens.”

Of course, the photo of the milk and the sign blew up on social media.

A few of the comments that cracked me up were:

“And here I thought gathering eggs was a terrible chore…I’m glad I never had to milk the chickens!”

“So, just thinking out loud here, but if “GRASS FED” means the animal eats grass, then does it stand to reason, that if it says “VEGETARIAN FED” chickens, it means they are actually feeding Vegetarians TO the chickens?”

“Wonder if the chickens are easier to milk than the almonds or the soybeans?”

“Utterly ridiculous. They are ridiculously udderless. Not even baby chicks drink chicken milk.”

“My chickens are always kicking the bucket over.”

I’m sure the milk was also all natural, GMO free, gluten free and organic. Probably should have added that it came from vegetarian fed, free-range chickens.

On a serious note, I wonder how many people read that that milk comes from vegetarian fed chickens and bought it.

If that’s not annoying enough, the other day someone was telling me about how their electric cars are better than gasoline powered cars because they have a smaller environmental footprint.

I asked him how most of the electricity he uses to power his car is produced? He said solar and wind power. Then I told him that much of the electricity in the U.S. is still generated by coal-powered plants. And that, although nobody has done the math yet, the environmental footprint of producing solar panels and wind turbines and transporting them all over the U.S. has to be astronomical.

I’ve seen caravans of wind turbines on the road and I can’t imagine those semis are getting great gas mileage. And what happens when those solar panels and wind turbines die and have to be disposed of?

This doesn’t even account for the big facilities built to produce these products and the energy used to run them and to power the tools used to build them.

Really, I could go on and on.

Going back to my original topic, if you want to see a funny video about labeling go to ❖