Soy Innovation Challenge – Enhancing sustainability and capturing value for farmers |

Soy Innovation Challenge – Enhancing sustainability and capturing value for farmers

ST LOUIS, Mo. — In an effort to coalesce key stakeholders in the soy value chain to help identify, support and fund the most promising innovations and technologies, the Yield Lab Institute and the United Soybean Board have teamed up to launch the Soy Innovation Challenge. The Soy Innovation Challenge goals include the following:

Enhance structures that allow market signals to move between end-users and farmers,

Quantify, link and capture sustainability, environmental impacts (e.g. carbon credits, reliefs)

Use this sustainability, environmental-related data to communicate market signals that captures value and profitability back to U.S. soybean farmers

This non-dilutive startup accelerator program identifies innovative soybean value chain-based product solutions and supports the most promising ones with business coaching, and entrepreneurial networking. The USB and YLI invite global ag-tech startups, project teams and groups from every facet of the soy value chain (from seed to consumer) to apply to this unique opportunity to work with farmers, thought leaders and innovators in the soy space.

With the application period open March 24 through June 1, 2020, applicants can apply online to submit their idea, innovation or technology. $100,000 in non-dilutive cash prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the challenge. All selected teams will receive mentoring and resources to help advance their idea in the areas of technical, business, financial and environmental impact. Apply now for this unique opportunity to work with the Yield Lab network and have an audience of farmers and stakeholders to collaborate and work with to accelerate your technology, idea or innovation.

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