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SPAM for breakfast

Another deer hunting season has come and gone for me and my wife, Joyce. We were successful with filling our tags and, as usual, Joyce fired her rifle only once to bring down a nice buck at 65 yards.

For us there is much more to hunting than hunting. It is an annual adventure that includes wildlife watching, photography, camping, hiking and visiting with friends.

Over the years we developed a hunting and camping plan of parking our small travel trailer on a western Colorado ranch near Collbran, which is owned by a friend. We set up hunting camp fully prepared to stay for the 10-day duration of rifle season.

During those annual hunts several traditions have evolved. We save at least two venison steaks from the previous year to cook for dinner and we have a one time fried SPAM and eggs breakfast. Otherwise Joyce carefully plans and cooks a nice variety of tasty meals. SPAM for breakfast got started with Joyce’s tendency to over-stock with non-perishable food just in case we were to get snowed in or otherwise extend our stay past what we intended. To that end she originally packed a can of SPAM.

The tradition began with deciding to fry up sliced SPAM as a change from the usual ham or bacon. It had been years since either of us had eaten SPAM, of which we generally had positive memories. We liked it again and so a can of SPAM became a check list item for hunting camp.

Over the years we have become proficient with butchering the game meat ourselves versus having it done by a game processor. Joyce is meticulous about carefully removing as much sinew as possible, she claims the venison is more tender and tasty if properly cleaned and aged. She is right.

There is certainly something to be said for spending a hunting season in the high country with a partner who cooks well, shoots well and sleeps quiet and warm.

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