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Special offer for TSU applicators

-American Angus Association

Producers who order at least 200 Tissue Sampling Units will receive a free TSU applicator, valued at $45. The offer will be available for 90 days and will end Jan. 30, 2018.

TSUs can be purchased in boxes of 10 or as part of an ear tag set that includes a TSU. TSUs and applicators are available to purchase from the American Angus Association through http://www.customcattletags.com or by calling the association at (816) 383-5100.

“This special offer is a great way to try implementing TSUs as a DNA sampling method,” said Ginette Gottswiller, director of commercial services. “Not only is it a fast and effective DNA collection method but also gives you the ability to match the TSU with a Visual ID or Electronic ID, so you can easily tie your individual animal to the uniquely identified tissue sample.”

Angus Genetics Inc. began accepting TSUs as a DNA sample type for seedstock producers seeking genetic testing in early October. A TSU collects an ear punch from the animal, replacing tail hair, blood and semen sample types used for DNA testing. Similar to tagging an animal, the TSU has an applicator gun to collect the ear punch in an uncontaminated container.

For more information about TSUs and sample collection, visit http://www.angus.org/AGI/SubmittingSamples.aspx and scroll down to the TSU section, or call the office at (816) 383-5100.