Sticks and stones |

Sticks and stones

I received another nastygram the other day regarding my views about bringing more wolves into Colorado.

The message was, “We’ve seen how some other states “manage” wolves so you can go to hell bitch.”

This and an earlier email I received about eating meat that suggested I was “from hell” are perfect examples of what is wrong with our country.

Instead of trying to change my mind using logic these people resort to name calling and damming me to hell. I didn’t have a debate class in my tiny high school in Edinburg, N.D., but we were taught that it is wrong to attack people because their views are different than ours.

I have never and would never send nastygrams to people I disagree with. It would be a complete waste of my time and it wouldn’t do any good.

If you want to convince me that I am wrong send me some studies that prove your point or maybe even tell me how it impacts your life or livelihood.

In the case of bringing more wolves into Colorado, I think The Fence Post has done a stellar job of letting readers know why it is detrimental to livestock producers. If you don’t agree with our opinion feel free to write a letter to the editor explaining why bringing more wolves into Colorado is good for livestock producers and we will print it.

We need to get back to a world where commonsense reigns.

A good example of this is the Freedom Convoy. The truckers are being criticized because they are negatively impacting our economy. Yet the mask and vaccine mandates they are protesting already destroyed our economy. Not to mention, they are in trucks driving alone. If the Canadian prime minister was smart, he would just apologize and move on. If you disagree with me, feel free to convince me that unvaccinated truckers are a danger to society.

It’s not a bad thing that people disagree with each other. It would be a dull world if we all agreed with everything. But we should be able to defend our views without damming people to hell and calling them satan. People who resort to those tactics can’t and won’t be taken seriously.



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