Sublette County, Wyoming, herd released from brucellosis quarantine |

Sublette County, Wyoming, herd released from brucellosis quarantine

Wyoming State Veterinarian Jim Logan announced that the quarantine for brucellosis placed on a Sublette County, Wyoming, cattle herd in late 2015 was released on June 1. The herd has completed the requisite three consecutive, negative herd tests, with the last one being post-calving, and a Quarantine Release Herd Plan has been signed and implemented. The ranch owner, manager and contact herd owners were all very cooperative during the time of this quarantine and have worked closely with regulatory animal health officials to complete all requirements for quarantine release. This herd is now negative for brucellosis and free of state and federal restrictions.

Wyoming now has no cattle or domestic bison herds that are known to be affected with brucellosis. The disease is known to be in some elk and bison (wildlife) in the Greater Yellowstone Area, which poses exposure risk to cattle and domestic bison in areas where commingling could occur during the wildlife abortion and calving season of March through June. The Wyoming Livestock Board conducts cattle and domestic bison surveillance and risk mitigation efforts in coordination with the livestock industry. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department conducts wildlife surveillance, habitat improvement, and elk movement studies to minimize exposure risks.

–Wyoming Livestock Board