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For more than a quarter century, The Fence Post newspapers have been serving rural families, providing a weekly source of information, education and entertainment. The Fence Post features a collection of auction listings, market reports, rural history, cowboy poetry, humor, talented writers, farm/ranch information, blue ribbon recipes and an unparalleled classified section.

Celebrating Our Rural Lifestyle

We have three editions, cut from the same cloth, but filled with a variety of unique content. The separate editions are a reflection of the regions they cover. In the Rocky Mountain Edition you’ll find writers, features, markets and agri-businesses from along the Colorado Front Range and Eastern Plains. Likewise, the Nebraska Edition highlights writers, features, markets and agri-businesses from Eastern Wyoming to the Nebraska Panhandle and the Sandhills, as well as Central Nebraska and the cornbelt of the Midwest. The Western Slope Edition features writers, features, markets and agri-businesses from along the Western Slope of Colorado.

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The Fence Post newspaper is your source for all that’s good and wonderful about Rural America. Whether you make your living in agriculture or appreciate the folks who do, you’ll love The Fence Post. We guarantee it.

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Snow is good for alfafa


As cold temperatures arrive, be happy if you received snow recently. Although snow can create some problems, snow is good — for alfalfa and new irrigated grass seedings that were planted late last summer.

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