Successful FFA Range Judging Contest |

Successful FFA Range Judging Contest

On Sept. 30, Akron FFA in cooperation with the Washington County Conservation District hosted the 2009 FFA Range Judging Contest. The day was a success with 95 competitors, from 13 chapters in eastern Colorado, including Vilas, Flagler, Kim, Pueblo County, Branson, Liberty, Wray, Stratton, Merino, Pritchett, Fowler, Akron, and Bethune.

Contestants evaluated two different range sites and were required to determine the plant composition percentage to evaluate the pastures “health,” basal coverage or ground coverage, determine the palatability or how much of the forage cattle will eat, determine the usable forage or how much the owner should let the cattle eat without overgrazing, and then determine the animal unit month or how many cattle they can feed per month on that pasture. Also the contestants were asked to identify 50 different range plants by their common name, as well as determining the plants palatability for cattle, growing season, life span, and grazing response.

These are very difficult tasks to take on, however; all of the competitors did a fabulous job at this contest. The first place team was Vilas with a score of 1,880 points; this score combined the top three individual scores of their team for both of the site evaluations and the plant I.D. Ryne Schroder of Vilas won the top individual plaque with 666 points, and a close second was his teammate Cade Daugherty with 633 points. The third place overall individual was Caleb Brent of Flagler with 617 points. Identifying the 50 plants is worth 500 points and the top three individuals were from Vilas Ryne Schroder with 438, also from Vilas Cade Daugherty with 433 points, and Hayden Pearce from Kim with 420 points. Ryne Schroder won two plaques and a $100 check from the Washington County NRCS Office.

We had a great day and we would like to thank our sponsors for their ongoing support of the FFA. Also we would like to extend a special thanks to the local NRCS employees, and Ben Berlinger for doing a great job managing the contest. Thank you again for your contribution to our great day.

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