Sutherland FFA wraps up FFA Week |

Sutherland FFA wraps up FFA Week

Paige VanSkiver
Sutherland FFA Chapter Reporter
The Sutherland FFA Chapter wanted to include a community service element to FFA Week so they made and donated fleece tie blankets to local state troopers.
Photo courtesy Jaris Baker

In the month of February, the Sutherland FFA Chapter tried to find a way to do another community service project to wrap up FFA Week when they realized that the state troopers may need a way to warm up certain people that they find on the road this winter. The way that they found to fix it was with tie blankets. On the days of Wednesday, Feb. 20 and Thursday, Feb. 21, the Sutherland FFA Chapter gathered together in their adviser’s classroom to help make tie blankets to help out our state troopers. These blankets will be used for homeless people that they happen to pick up and take to the homeless shelters. They also could be used during emergency situations on the road. The Sutherland FFA Chapter would like to thank all of those who have donated to this project including: Carl and Karla Poenisch, Kelly Hoatson, Heather Marquardt, Mildred Hoatson, Patricia O’Malley and Dawn Linstrom. ❖

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