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T-Cross Ranch’s horse division embraces changes, including introduction of a virtual selling site

For over 50 years the T-Cross produced hard-working cow horses that a cowboy could rely on to work all day long.

The T-Cross is foundation bred. Years ago Bob Norris bought a horse named Poco Pico from the Waggoner Ranch, which goes back to Poco Bueno and Tee Cross is by a horse named Otoe.

Along the way they acquired top quarter horses like Smokin Jose and Doc Tari and added cutting horses to their performance lines. These stallions have passed, but their bloodlines continue in the 46 mares in the T-Cross current mare band.

T-Cross Ranches was started by Robert “Bob” Norris near Colorado Springs in 1950. The famous T-Cross brand was the first brand registered in the state of Colorado, and is well-known for producing some of the best working ranch horses in the country.

“We are coming into the modern digital age with an interactive site where a prospective buyer will be able to feel like he is actually on the horse that he is interested in.”

The T-Cross has been nominated for the prestigious AQHA Best Remuda Award and in 2011 Bob Norris was awarded the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) Legacy Breeders Award. The Legacy Breeders Award recognizes those breeders that have raised quarter horses for 50 consecutive years.

Bob Norris has decided that it is time to take a well-deserved break from the day-to-day operation of T-Cross Ranches horse division and his eldest son, Bobby Norris, will take over the reins as general manager of the T-Cross Ranches horse division.

Bobby Norris shares his dad’s love of top quality working cow horses and performance cutting horses. Bobby Norris moved to Texas in 1982, where he started his own equine operation and currently trains cutting horses at his ranch in Burleson, Texas. He looks forward to the fact that he will now be spending a lot of time back in his home state of Colorado.

Like his father, Bobby Norris has given freely of his time in service to the equine industry. Norris is a member of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame. He served three terms as president of the American Cutting Horse Association (ACHA), and is currently a board member of the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) and a member of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.

Bobby Norris has won several world championships in the equine world, and in 2014, Norris was inducted into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame.

“We are really excited about the new virtual selling site that we are working on,” said new General Manager Bobby Norris “We are coming into the modern digital age with an interactive site where a prospective buyer will be able to feel like he is actually on the horse that he is interested in.”

“We have a full-time digital photographer on staff and will be able to take special requests from qualified buyers to photograph horses that they are interested in,” said Norris. “T-Cross wants to get out in front and be ahead of everyone else.”

One thing that will not be changing at T-Cross Ranches is the quality of horses that they have built their reputation on.

“We will still be selling horses to folks that just want a solid weekend riding horse. We always have and we always will,” said Bobby Norris.

“We are not just a performance horse breeder. We want to sell the kind of horse where folks can throw a saddle on their horse and just track off without worrying about anything,” said Norris. “We sell horses to everyone from your weekend pleasure rider to the guy that makes a living pushing cattle on the ranch.”

T-Cross ranches will be adding new stallions in the very near future, but right now they have a proven winner standing at T-Cross. Cowtowns Cat is the leading stallion at Colorado’s T-Cross Ranches. Cowtowns Cat comes from cutting royalty. He is by NCHA All-Time leading sire High Brow Cat and his dam is Cute Little Magic, a top NCHA earner.

Also standing at T-Cross is Charmin José, a 1996 sorrel by Smokin José and from Miss Tee Charm. Miss Tee Charm is a daughter of Tee Cross, whose sire was Otoe and the dam’s sire was Poco Pico.

“We are going to continue in the show pen whether it’s cutting or roping horses or even the ranch horse competitions,” said Norris. “We will continue to sell a lot of horses to team sorters and team penners, because frankly that’s where the largest market is, simply because it is not cost prohibitive like cutting can be.”

To get all of this accomplished, the T-Cross has a new ranch foreman. JD Wing will function as both the ranch foreman and the head trainer. He will also be in charge of the breeding program. Wing is a third-generation horse trainer and rancher and he has a degree in ranch management from Vernon College in Texas.

“We haven’t been showing here lately, but we are about to fire that back up and go back showing some of these horses that we have made,” said JD Wing. “We’re definitely still breeding working type horses, good using horses that can go all day long, that have good bone and foundation and have a lot of cow sense and speed to ’em.”

Wing stressed that Bobby Norris, just like his dad, has a No. 1 priority to produce using horses that are calm and gentle and can easily be trained.

There have been a lot of positive changes at the T-Cross and things are moving forward and the T-Cross is looking ahead to bigger and better things. You can always count on the fact that the T-Cross will continue to produce quality horses that a cowboy can work on all day long.

Bob Norris and his son Bobby Norris will give you a true cowboy’s hand shake guarantee and will stand behind T-Cross horses.

“Keep the horse for 30 days. If he’s not fitting you, or you don’t like him, bring him back and you’ll get your money back,” said Bob Norris. “That’s one way I can express myself in the faith I have in these ponies.” ❖

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