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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 1-11-10

Many times gentle readers, when someone or something adds a new twist to something or other, it makes it more palatable or better, if you will. That happened to me a good many years ago when I used to go to cowboy poetry gatherings and perform. In Durango, Colo., about 20 years ago I did a poem about a couple of cowboys and their dog that I had written. One of the cowboys from up in Nevada by the name of Rod McQueary ask me if he could rewrite the poem to suite his own style and use it when he entertained. I, of course said yes. As it turned out Rod was invited to do the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and he did my rewritten poem and here’s how it goes:

Mad Jack’s Dog

It was a short and squatty cabin

thick dirt roof and round corral.

From the distance, it looked interesting,

so I stopped my horse to rest a spell.


From around behind this cabin

this wild eyed old timer came.

Said his name was Mad Jack Hanks,

I shook his hand, told him my name.


Said he was up there to trap beaver,

and that he had the lonesome blues.

Soon he offered bed and breakfast

if I would share the latest news.


I agreed to his proposal,

he seemed glad to have me stay.

He was rustling up some tableware

while I put my hoss away.


He had some supper goin’

and I hauled in a load of wood.

I shared the latest current events

and things was goin’ good.


Till I reached down to pet

his ole mongrel dog.

I truly meant no harm.

But before I knew it,

That ole wolf had bit me on the arm!


“Mad Jack,” I said, “why does that ole dog

just glare at me with hate?”

“Oh, it really ain’t nothin’, he’s jest cranky

cause yer eatin’ off his plate.”


Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I do hope the new year is to your liking!

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