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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 1-25-10

“Handy as shirt pocket.” We’ve all heard that little saying more than once in our life, haven’t we, gentle readers? Well, by golly, it’s a good little saying because shirt pockets are handy as all get out.

I reckon it used to be when most adult males smoked back in my generation, shirt pockets were a handy place to put the smokes. Worked for cigars too! It’s a new day and time because I have a terrible time trying to buy a well made shirt that fits, looks nice on me and has more than one pocket. Some of the newer shirts don’t have any pockets at all. What’s that all about?” Hummmmm.

When I go anywhere I take my business cards, gum, pen, comb (seldom used) and my glasses. Now tell me, pilgrim, where would a feller put all that stuff if he didn’t have two pockets? I suppose some guys don’t comb their hair any more. Nope, they just wax it and stick it straight up in the air like a tee pee. Talk about a lazy, in yer face kinda’ look! Pencils? they don’t need ‘um. Nope, they got that cell phone, Blackberry or some contraption on their belt or in their pant’s pocket and it takes care of all their business. Heck it might even comb their hair for all I know.

I just feel the need for pockets as they make me feel more like I’ve got it all together. I ordered a pair of Chinks (short chaps) back in 1977 from J.M. Caprilo Company out in Nevada. I had them sew two big pockets on the front upper leg and my initials on the bottom. I was a laffin’ stock around the country as nobody had even seen or heard of chinks before. It wasn’t too long until you began to see lots of chinks in that ole hot humid country. We doctored a lot of wheat pasture cattle and you could always use a couple of extra pockets especially if you were workin’ by yourself. Many times I was. I would get an ole steer roped and tied down and in most cases transport a disposable syringe filled with medication from my saddle bags, two sulfa boluses, a pill gun and a stick of marking chalk to show he had been doctored and I gotta’ tell ya, those two big ole pockets came in handy.

I still wear those chinks on occasion and put all sorts of items in them from time to time. Pockets, ya just need ‘um. We gotta’ have more pockets on our shirts, vest and jackets if you live in my world. Now you see these guys in these Dockers or carpenter pants and you got pockets everywhere. Works for me. I don’t buy a vest or coat that doesn’t have two outside pockets and at least one inside pocket. Don’t ya see? That makes me handy as, well, handy as a shirt pocket.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.

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