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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 1-4-10

A feller by the name of Jon Huntsman is a winner. You may have never heard his name, but he is the guy that invented the plastic fork and the cute little egg that panty hose come in. He is a self-made billionaire. He says he wants to die broke after giving his fortune away to the less fortunate.

There was this business deal once where he signed a contract and shook hands with some folks that wanted to buy one of his companies. The deal was for millions, let’s say 60 million bucks. Before the contract was due to be exercised, the value of his company that he had agreed to sell was worth millions more. The folks that wanted to buy his company offered to pay him the new value. Jon said, “No, I signed a contract and shook your hand for 60 million and not 84 million, so 60 million is what I will accept.” I don’t know the exact numbers in their deal, gentle readers, I’m just making an example to help you understand what kind of a man Mr. Huntsman is. He wouldn’t have cheated if he had insisted on the new value, but it was against his moral character. Enough said!

I have cheated at some things in my life and I bet you have too. I consider telling a lie, cheating. I wish I had the courage to not have ever told a lie, unless it was to keep from hurting someone else’s feelings. I wish I had never cheated that one time on my test in school. It didn’t help, I flunked it anyway. Funny how that works.

What if, just what if, in that playoff football game when the wide receiver caught a pass that would put his team in field goal range with only 15 seconds left in the game and a field goal would win his team the championship, and he jumps up and turns to the ref and says, “I know it looked like I caught the ball, but it hit the ground before I did, so I didn’t really catch it!”

Most of his teammates would want to tear his head off and his coaches would demand to know why he had to be so darn honest at a time like this. Think what it would mean to the young folks that worshiped him. He would have set an example, a shot if you will, that would be heard around the world. We need a hero like that today, we really do.

I have a suggestion for you. I would like for you to buy a book by Lee Pitts. It’s entitled “A Handmade Life.” It will not only warm your heart, but will lift you up and make you want to reconstruct every thing in your life that you don’t like about yourself. It’s only $14.95 plus $3.00 for shipping. Make a check out to: Lee Pitts, P.O. Box 616, Morro Bay, Calif., 93443. I guarantee you will not only love this book, but you will benefit from Lee’s country wisdom.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.

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