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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 10-19-09

Old Man Winter,

he ain’t no friend of mine.

He heaves and blows,

brings frost and snows,

Me thinks he be’s unkind.

Well, gentle readers, here at the O-NO Ranch, we have had snow on Oct. 8-9. A little early for me as it seemed our summer for the most part only came in spurts. The Farmer’s Almanac reports a much colder winter than usual. What’s usual any more? The National Weather folks report something entirely different. They say it will be a milder winter than usual. Regardless, I only know what I feel and see on any particular day during the winter.

Old Man Winter and I have parted ways over the years except for that rare occasion when we have a white Christmas and all the family is here with me and sometimes that ain’t all that rare. That’s the good stuff.

After going out and feeding the ponies and taking care of “the Wonder Dog,” Clancey, I go to town for coffee and conversation with my buddies. When I get back to the house there is just not a lot of things that I want to do when it’s just to cold to work outside. Hey, I’m an outside guy. There’s always chores in the house that can use attention like doing laundry, dishes, bed making, and maybe put

on a big pot of homemade chili or

beef stew. In other words, I can get really bored.

If I’m in an artsy mood, I will sit down and draw cartoons and try to stay as current as possible. I love to create a good cartoon that I feel is cute at best if not down right funny. It gets harder and harder if you take in account I do about 60 cartoons a year and that’s been over 20 years and they are all different. Steep grade to pull sometimes, Little Beaver.

I will be outside regardless during the day either bringing in firewood, moving snow with the tractor or a shovel or both, or just checking the mail. The wood stove comforts me during those cold winter days and it also makes me want to nap when I have better things to do. There is nothing that comforts like the warm glow from a fireplace or stove when Old Man Winter is whippin’ and spurrin’ outside. Cornbread and blackeyed peas fit right in there also or maybe that big pot of chili. You know, of course, I would be complaining if it stayed hot all of the time and we never had cold weather. People are just fickle.

At present I see a Robin on the front deck and he’s all puffed up like a politician havin’ his photo taken with the President. That Robin is not ready for Old Man Winter either. There will be some nice days during the winter, there always are and I will use them for inspiration and fuel to take on the rest of what lays ahead during the winter months.

Throw another dog on the bed, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.

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