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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 10-25-10

It’s a little after 7 this Monday morning and when I went out to feed it was about 50 degrees and no wind! Are you kiddin’ me? The middle of October! Yesterday was about 70 or better and I took Harley out to stretch his legs a little. I had asked for a long, warm mild fall since we had such a cold nasty winter. I got it! The weather girl reported a couple of days ago that the low for that night last year at this time was 16 degrees! My, my, my, what a great fall we are having except for the lack of moisture. Of course my friends that are trying to get their corn and sugar beets in need this dry weather.

As a sidebar, gentle readers, as of today it’s only about two weeks until the election. I have already cast my vote as a common man with common sense on a mail-in ballot. Have you noticed how all of the politicians from all parties become the common man and common woman this time of year? Are you kiddin’ me? Yes, you will see them standing next to an old barn, a set of corrals, next to a corn field, a tractor, or some object that represents the working farmer or rancher. Why do they feel compelled to do that you ask yourself? I’ll tell ya why pilgrim, it’s because the farmer and the rancher are known to have a hard work ethic and are “savvy” with common sense. They would have you and I believe that they are exactly like us. Yes, they are just hard-working, common everyday folks that think and act like we do. Are you kidding me?

Of course there are some limited exceptions, but for the most part somebody is trying to pass themselves off as us. A cowboy hat, most likely on backwards, rolled up shirt sleeves exposing glaring white arms and soft hands, and jeans of a designer brand will give them away every time. Whatever you do children, please vote for the persons of your conviction and don’t let the “aw shucks” politician suck you in!

I’m loving this weather, loving life, and am always pleased to have the opportunity to sit down and visit with you. Thanks for allowing me into your brain!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c ya.

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