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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 10-26-09

Where are we going, gentle readers? Does anybody know?

I know, or at least I think I know, that we have not arrived. Let me ask you this … when a professional football player worth millions an millions of dollars has fighting dogs that he bets on and kills the ones that aren’t tough enough to win; when a mom of four children decides to have eight more and is on the public dole; or when a screwball family sends up a balloon that looks like a flying saucer and then alerts the news media that their 6-year-old son is inside and they need help, and it’s all a scam to try and get a television reality show! Where are we as a society going?

When kids shoot up their classmates and teachers in the hallways of a public school, and dads run out onto the playing field to punch out a referee or

a coach because they didn’t like a decision concerning their kid, where

are we going?

When some guy that calls himself a horseman puts out an ad for folks to come and shoot all the horses that are in his care because the county has given him an ultimatum to clean up the junk on his place or go to jail, is that reality?

Do we live in some sort of suspended animation or am I just having a really bad dream and can’t wake up or WHAT? I think that most of us just go about our daily lives scratchin’ our heads at some of the things that go on around us because we don’t know what else to do. We want to hold our children close and hope the boogie man of perverts, druggies or whatever doesn’t get hold of them.

It’s close to Halloween, ya know, and the spooks are out there. Let me tell ya children, Halloween or not, there are spooks out there all the time. You need not look on the neighboring ranch or farm for these “out of touch” individuals because most likely you won’t find any there. We just happen to be different or at least I’m hoping that the majority of us are.

We have an administration and Congress that aren’t living in the same world as you and I are living in. They, in my humble country boy opinion, are completely out of touch and the worst part of it is they just don’t seem to care!

Where are we going? Don’t know for sure but I do know this, I think I’ll just jump on the “scooter” and go for a ride. That always seems to calm me down somewhat. That’s where I’m going right now!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.

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