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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 10-4-10

When I was but a mere child, gentle readers, I was always trying to find a king snake around our place. There was usually one to be found if you looked long and hard. They were beautiful snakes that were black with orange, white and yellow dots on their backs. Completely harmless but I was not allowed in the house when I had one around my neck or in my possession at all. They were tough on rattlesnakes and I was privileged to watch as a king snake grabbed a rattle snake in our back yard and squeezed him to death. What a sight!

I was in Clinton, Okla., years ago and was reading the Oklahoma City news paper and on the front page was a picture of a 5-year-old boy holding a 5-foot diamondback rattler in his arms. The snake at the time of the photo was dead but he wasn’t dead when the lad picked him up in the shade of his house and carried him around to the front yard to show his grandma who was baby sitting him. The snake was apparently not offended when the boy reached down and picked him up and carried him off. Miracles do happen ya know! Grandma made the boy put the snake down and she killed it with a hoe.

We have rattlesnakes here at the O-No and we also have a kid here. The kid is my daughter’s new horse that I bought just a few months ago. It was a gift to her as her old horse is not safe to be ridden any more. Kid just turned 4 in April and he is a big stout fancy lookin’ pony. A cowboy lookin’ kina’ hoss. He is registered with the AQHA under a different name but the last owner called him Kid so we let it stick. He is a kid. If I’m anywhere near the corral and he spots me from the pasture he comes in and follows me around like a dog.

He seems to always want to be rubbed and I think he likes to be ridden as he is extremely gentle and likes people. Well, ol’ Kid came in from the pasture the other morning with his head swelled up like a basket ball and blood running from his nostrils that were almost completely closed by now. He came up and stuck his nose right in my face and with a pained expression he seemed to be saying, “Look at me, look what happened to me!”

I called my vet and he came right away and with his skill and experience and ol’ Kid is almost good as new at this writing. Curiosity got the best of him, I’m sure of that and it cost him dearly. He did suffer there for a few days, but I bet he has learned his lesson. Ol’ Dan down the road, the feller I bought Kid from, had a horse bitten just before Kid was hit. My neighbor Bobbie told me she had killed seven rattlers around their place recently. It’s dry, I think they are lookin’ for water or maybe not, I don’t know, but I do know it’s been a big rattlesnake summer!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, watch out for those buzzers, and I’ll c. ya.

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