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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 10-5-09

There is something about living in the country especially when you have some wildlife around you and critters that are in your care. Heck, just living in the country presents many opportunities to make special memories and even more so when you are a kid.

Son Andy just returned from Georgia where he was on a business trip. While he was gone Mr. Wiley Coyote paid a trip to the chicken pen just at dusk and had a chicken dinner and killed a couple more just for good measure. Upon discovering this, Isaiah, age 8, Gavin, age 14 and mom, no age given, took one of the dead chickens out to the horse trap the next evening for bait. They hunkered down in the round pen, guns at the ready for ole Wiley to return. They didn’t have to wait long as Isaiah spotted him trotting through their front yard and headed right towards them. When the time was right, Gavin put him down with a clean shot. No more Mr. Coyote at least for this night anyway. It was exciting to mom and the boys as they have not always lived in the country. Son Andy grew up on a ranch and this is the way of life he and his wife chose to raise their children. Gavin called one of the neighbors to help him skin the coyote as he wanted to keep the hide.

Memories, that’s what life is all about. Some good, some bad and some that don’t linger very long. At the point of the spear, this memory will linger in those little boy’s lives forever. With mom at their side and armed, by the way, ready to ambush that pesky ole coyote. This is the woman that killed a coyote a couple of years ago with a pistol from 100 yards! Lucky shot? Doesn’t matter, the coyote was still dead. I was telling Andy how proud I was that his kids could make those country memories instead of, “I remember riding my skateboard down to Bobby’s house where we played video games and I beat him three times in a row.”

I related to my son the time I was about 12 and had made myself a bow and arrows out of an old Chinese Elm tree in our back yard on the Mallett Ranch at Sundown, Texas. I went to the pasture and shot a rabbit for what I hoped would be our dinner. The rabbit ran under a Spanish Dagger plant also know as Yucca. I started to just reach in and pull him out and common sense told me there just might be a rattlesnake in there with him. I unstrung my bow and poked in under the bush to see if the rabbit would run out. I immediately heard that distinct rattle. The snake came out and I killed him by beating him with my bow. Made a good memory that day. That was over 50 years ago and I can relive it as if it were yesterday.

Country kids have the advantage when it comes to facing real situations where they are required to react in a positive way. It’s a good upbringing and I wish that children could have the opportunity to be blessed with country life at sometime or another. Do you really believe that if all our politicians were ranch or farm raised that we would be in the mess we are today? Something to think about!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I”ll c. ya.


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