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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 11-15-10

Mad Jack Hanks
Wellington, Colo.

I just returned from the skin vet. You guys know what a skin vet is don’t ya? Sure you do. A skin vet is what I call a de-term-a-nologist! Yep, a skin vet can observe that little crusty spot or mole on your skin and can determine at once if it is malignant or not.

“How?” you ask. It’s simple: if you have good insurance, it’s malignant! Of course, gentle readers, I’m kidding. I have a wonderful skin doctor and she has taken good care of me for nearly 20 years. Ooooppps, excuse me I almost choked on a York Mint, I love those little buggers. Back to the good Doc. She froze a few places, scraped off a couple and did a biopsy on another to see if it is malignant. If so, I’ll have a good sized chunk taken off my left hand in the near future.

I’m not kiddin’ ya children, this stuff can be more than big trouble if it gets away from you. My friend Bill who has a dark complexion and dark features recently had a place on the side of his nose removed and checked to see if it was malignant. Not only was it malignant, it had gone into his neck which resulted in him having to go through a good bit of radiation. He will be OK, but it was not a fun trip!

When I was but a mere child, my mom would sing to me the little verse, “you are brown as a berry from riding the prairie,” in the summer time. I spent the large portion of my time outside without a shirt while playing. I loved to play Indians, so of course, I would get as brown as I could. We didn’t know any better. Today we know better.

Even in the winter you need that sun screen and while we here in Colorado live at higher altitudes, it’s even more important to take care of our hide because we are closer to the sun. I know, I know, you little gals out there believe that you have to have that really good tan to be attractive. You’ll lay out in the sun, or lay on a tanning bed until you sizzle. Yep, you do really look good. You look really good for now. Ten or 20 years from now, you may look like one of those California prunes. You won’t like yourself too much then. “I wish that somebody had told me not to tan my hide so deeply,” you may sigh. I just did! When you guys go up on the hill to snow board or ski, be sure and apply ample sun screen and I don’t care how dark your skin is naturally, ask my friend Bill how it worked for him.

Many of you have seen the Three Stooges dressed up like doctors and someone ask, “are you guys sure you are real doctors?” I’m not a real doctor I just play one here in my column. Please take time to consider the above warning and use your sun screen.

Promise? Stay tuned, check yer cinch and sun screen on occasion and I’ll c. ya.

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