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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 11-2-09

I watch a good deal of television during the winter months when I’m confined to the house a lot. I cast a critical eye on the advertisements and in my own little mind try to envision how I could improve them. That critical view only pertains to the ones that I don’t like very much especially the ones that are meant to be funny and I don’t think they are even cute at best. There are some of these ads that I think are really classic.

One, gentle readers is where the little white boy and little black boy as infants are talking about stock trading on line. I chuckle every time I see it. That’s one I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing. I also love the Brett Favre ad where he is trying to decide if he wants to purchase a certain type of television. There was one other where this darling little girl with blond hair and big brown eyes is telling us about a certain carpet cleaning place “and they don’t even leave a scratch on your, um your walls,” she so cutely and innocently states.

The ones that almost make me crazy are the Geico Insurance ads. You know the ones where the eyeballs are perched on top of a stack of money and the eyes are focused on you while this irritating music is being played over and over. Let me tell you truly children, if I ever have the occasion to see that stack of money I could be saving, those eyeball are gonna’ be rollin’ down the sidewalk and I’ll have a bulge in my pocket where I stuffed all that money!

Other ads that I think are poorly thought out or just plain irritating to this ol’ cowboy are the Coors beer ads where the guys in the after game press conference ask the coach some stupid question about Coors beer. Friends, it makes men look like we just climbed out of our cave and are trying our best to fit into society. Speaking of cave men, let’s go back to that Geico ad where “It’s so simple, even a caveman can do it?” Stupid, stupid, stupid, that’s how I see it.

As a cartoonist and humorist, I do view life and situations maybe a little different than you might. I look for the funny side of life. Many times there is no funny side and I have experienced those times just as I suspect that you have also.

I’ll end this column with something that caught my attention recently when the two airline, professional airline pilots overshot their destination by 150 miles! Their excuse was that they got into a heated argument about get this, Situational Awareness!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, try to stay on the funny side of life if possible, you’ll live longer, and I’ll c. ya.

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