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Tales from the O-NO Ranch: This Holiday Season

Gentle readers, the holiday season is just a stones throw away. For all practical purposes it’s right around the corner and it seems to require that I give a little extra this time of year. In fact, in my humble cowboy opinion, I would bet that all of us give a little extra.

At Thanksgiving most of us are required to make ourselves available to be at someone else’s home for the traditional meal or we are expected to prepare it ourselves. This year I’m going to daughter Sunni’s home for that fabulous meal. I will tell you in the past that when Thanksgiving rolled around on the Texas ranch I tried my best to make it possible for the employees to not have to work even a half day but that’s not always possible when you are receiving fresh cattle constantly to be processed and turned out on wheat. Many times there is a lot of sickness and the livestock’s health ranks above our own desires. Most of the time I would take my kids and we would prowl the fresh cattle a’horseback and doctor anything that required our care and the feeding and cowboy crew didn’t have to work at all. Of course at Thanksgiving and Christmas I felt obligated to give a little extra feed to the ranch horses and the dogs and cats got some really good table scraps.

During the holiday season there are extra things that we need to consider. Things like trying to be patient when out shopping and not run over some old person in the parking lot when we are determined not to let that woman bearing down on us from the other direction have the only vacant parking space in our view. While in the check out line there is always that one unorganized person that can’t find her credit card or has misplaced her checkbook or sends one of her nine children back to get a bag of corn chips that she forgot. Give yourself a little extra time to breath in and breath out and calm yourself down before you start looking for another checkout or you just go “postal” and grab her by the nap of the neck and say things that will put you behind bars while your family is having a festive time.

The holiday season is the time to have more of a giving spirit, a time to reflect on holidays past and remember some of the things you said or did that you wish you could have “do overs” on. There are some of you that will have to force yourself to seem happier than you are because of that empty chair at the table. You may not have the holiday spirit as much as you would like but you need to remember that when this season is past there could be more than the one empty chair so give a little extra cheer, hugs, kisses and compliments even to those you really don’t care for. In the end it will come back to you in unexpected rewards. It’s important that we all make the holidays days to remember in a good sort of way.

I do hope that all of “ya’ll” have a memorable and joyful holiday season as I intend to do. There is nothing that can replace the excitement in a child’s face on Christmas evening or morning. Jot that down and put it in your memory for future reference.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.

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