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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 11-8-10

Gentle readers, I know that most all of you, if not all of you have had similar experiences like the one I’m going to relate to you today in the column. I simple call it the “warning” mostly because I don’t really know how better to describe it. I reckon it could be called divine intervention, happenstance, or just simple coincidence.

For me it works like this: Long ago and far away when I was a little pilgrim about 10 or 11 years of age, I had constructed a bow and a few arrows out of an elm tree. I used a kite string for the bow string. I set out like Daniel Boone to hunt wild game in the mesquite pasture surrounding our place. I found and shot a rabbit and the little rascal ran under a yucca (Spanish Dagger) plant. Rabbits would dig out from under the spiny branches of the plant for shade and protection from raptors. I got down on one knee and was ready to reach up under the plant and grab my rabbit. I was sure mom would make a stew out of him if I begged long and hard enough.

Just before I stuck my little hand under the bush I got the “warning.” “Jack, you are in a rattlesnake infested pasture. Are you sure you want to just stick your hand under there without checking it out first?” That was the little voice inside my head. I listened. I unstrung my bow and jabbed it under the bush. “Buzzzzzzzzzz,” for sure it was a rattler. He came out and I whacked him to death with my bow and then retrieved my rabbit to take home.

I was a half mile from the house and was really glad that I listened to the “warning.” It happened again just the other day. I was headed north on the interstate going to the house. I like cruising the interstate on the Harley. I think it is safer than the farm to market roads because there is a far less chance that you will encounter livestock, debris, or animals there. Not impossible but I feel safer on the interstate. I cruise about 70 to 75 mph so everybody and I mean everybody passes me up. A small compact pickup passed me slowly and in the short bed he had a big box and two iron chairs that appeared to be patio furniture. They sat up fairly high so they must have been resting on something. I thought to myself, “Boy I hope he’s got those chairs tied down, as I would hate to meet one of those laying in the road on this bike doing 75.” Inside my head I heard a little voice that said, “I know those chairs look secure and surely they are, but they are sitting up a little high so why don’t you slow down and put some distance between you guys?” I listened and I did slow down and let this feller get a ways ahead of me.

Within the next minute I saw him runnin’ off the road into the median. For sure, one of those big iron chairs had fallen out of the back of his truck and was laying in the roadway. I had ample time to slow down some more and avoid what could have been a disaster for me.

So, children, always listen for that little “warning” and heed it every time, even if you know it’s a false alarm!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and thank God those stupid political ads are over for a while. C ya.

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