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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 12-28-09

Well, gentle readers, we have just had another year seemingly rush right past us. It could be if you are 12 and are going to turn 13, the year was way, way, you know, like, really, really slow. However, this old waddie is not turning 13 this next year and if I had the opportunity to turn 13 again, would I? Not a chance. I remember 13 and I remember that was a year of some real adjustments without the tools to adjust. It would be akin to trying to change a flat tire with a can of whipped cream. No way!

I will reflect back on this year that is in its last few gasps of air and discuss the dating scene for a man in his 60s. Oh, now there are a lot of women to date in their 60s but most of them just aren’t desirable to me. Kinda’ picky ain’t I?

Back to dating in your 60s, it’s sort of like trying to change a flat tire with a can of whipping cream. Oh, I have had some dates with some really cute gals this past year and had a barrel of fun in the process. Most of them were a good bit younger than myself and didn’t have their hair in a tight perm or try to entice me with a fresh baked cherry pie. Quien sabe, who knows? It might have worked. Dating at any age I’ve come to believe is like being back in junior high again. Thirteen ya know, it’s a real battle field out there.

I once thought that I understood women and could cipher what their body language meant and what the words coming out of their mouth were intended to mean. Trust me, I have gone back to school in the women business. I had a woman tell me once, and she was a looker, that she was in no way a manipulator! Did you catch the very first part of that word? … MAN, yep it starts with man and she was just not tellin’ me the truth. With that particular female I was havin’ a hard time tryin’ to figure out which way was up and which way was down.

That’s life I suppose and I have to tell ya that I’m havin’ fun, a lot more fun than when I was 13, even though there are times I am moving about blindly trying to pretend that I know exactly what women want in a man. I don’t. Women are as different as patterns in a brightly colored quilt. I like that. It keeps me on my toes.

In the new year I will still be dating some, still looking for that woman that fits me like an old shoe and I expect that it will be another exciting, frustrating, interesting year as I ride ole Howdy, my paint hoss or cruise around on my motorcycle posing as a biker, goin’ dancin’ two or three nights a week and making every moment count. You have to at my age!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I hope for all ya’ll to have as much fun in the coming year as I expect to have. Happy new year!

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