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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 12-7-09

I got up at the usual time this Saturday morning expecting it to be very cold as a front passing had been forecasted the night before.

I put on a pot of coffee, brushed my teeth, made the bed and went out to feed the ponies and The Wonder Dog, Clancey. There was no wind, which was an unexpected pleasure as I sat about my chores. I had firewood delivered the evening before and needed to get at least some of it stacked. As I listened to the ponies munch their grain, I began to stack wood. Guess what? The wind struck tossing a few snowflakes about, so I hustled up a little, stacked a good amount of wood and retreated to the house. I built a rip roarin’ fire in the wood stove, put biscuits in the oven and sat down to read a few scriptures from that wonderful book. I was very comfortable and my thoughts confirmed that I was indeed blessed.

At this time of the year I think about folks that don’t have the comforts that I have and my heart goes out to them. I do take issue with those folks that are interviewed on the “telly” this time of the year as being under a lot of stress and not knowing where their next meal is coming from. The problem I have with most of these is that they are almost obese. Looks to me like they could miss a meal or two and if they weren’t so overweight they would feel more like getting out and trying to find work of some kind.

Just color me skeptical. I was leaving Wally World the other day and there was a young couple, late 30s at best, standing on the curb with the, “Homeless, Hungry, Please Help!” sign for everyone to see as they pulled into the parking lot. I slowed down and looked these folks over with a squinted eye. They were filthy, looked to be on drugs or trying desperately to sober up, hair uncombed, man unshaved and a very guilty look in their eye. This is the gospel truth: if they had been cleaned up and at least made an attempt to groom themselves and on occasion would smile, I would have given them a sack of groceries and a little cash. I believe that respectable folks that have fallen on such desperate times feel the need to beg, they wouldn’t do it lookin’ like a drunken hobo that just fell off a rail car.

In the past I have reached out my hand to help down and outers that took no pride in their appearance and I got burned every time, every time! God helps those who help themselves.  Gentle readers, I am not trying to influence you not to help the helpless, just don’t be an enabler. In more “cowboy terms,” don’t pour out your heart to those who “have skinned the wolf today that they ain’t killed tomorrow!” The comforts of home usually are obtained by those who desire them the most.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.

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