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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 2-1-10

Well, it appears, gentle readers, that our President has finally lost his selective hearing when his party lost ol’ Teddy’s senate seat in Massachusetts. Yep, it appears now that he is able to hear the majority of conservative Americans on a number of issues, mainly health care.

Mr. Obama is beginning to sound much like a “populist” or maybe a west Texas cowman when it comes to such subjects that most of us feel are detrimental to our survival as a solid nation.

On a more personal note, I also have a hard time hearing and I mean that literally. I had to go with Little Miss Martha once to a hearing specialist as she was determined I couldn’t hear worth a darn. After a very careful set of test the Doc told my little darlin’ that she had a very soft voice and I had a lot on my mind runnin’ such a large diversified ranching operation. And it just might be that it wasn’t so much that I couldn’t hear her, it might be that I wasn’t paying attention. He presented us with a large bill and I made a big time effort to listen better as she made a bigger effort to get my attention before she spoke.

I was dancin’ with a lady last Saturday night and she said something about my cowboy calendars. The band was loud and we were close to the bandstand and I just pointed to my ear and said I couldn’t hear her, tell me again when we were away from the bandstand. She tried twice to repeat herself to me and I finally just said, “I’m deaf as a fence post.”

“You mean you can’t hear me?” she all but demanded. And once more she said, “The western store has sold out of your calendars!”

I nodded and replied that I had indeed heard her that time. She smiled and seemed somewhat relieved.

Three old cowboys are sittin’ on the bunkhouse porch and one says to the other two, “It’s sure windy!” one of the other old punchers sez, “No it ain’t, it’s Thursday!,” and the third waddie pops up and sez, “I’m thirsty too, lets go get a drink!”

I do indeed have a hearing problem, but I have other problems too and I reckon that I’ll just maybe wait a little while longer and see how it goes. I more than likely am missing out on some great conversation from time to time and then again, maybe not!

Can ya hear me now?

Stay tuned, check your cinch and the batteries in yer hearin’ aid and I’ll c. ya.

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