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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 2-22-10

Gentle readers, you remember “Ripley’s Believe It or Not,” don’t you? I happen to have had a couple of those believe it or not moments today as I went about my daily comings and goings around here.

I always turn on the “telly” for the noon news and catch up on any local happenings or what not. The one station that I happen to have had on is a wee bit liberal as a good many of our news outlets are. They just seem to lean a little too far to the left for this ol’ “common sense cowboy.” I did a double take when the newsman stated that the big snow storm that hit the Washington, D.C., area had cost you and me, the general public, $100 million a day in lost productivity! Can you believe it? Are you kidding me, Little Beaver, the government produces $100 million a day! Let’s see … hummmm, $100 million a day for 352 days equals … my hand held calculator won’t go that high. How can we be so far in debt if the boys and girls in Washington are producing that much?

Here’s the next little tidbit that caught my attention: Get this … global warming caused all the bad weather that hit the eastern seaboard! Is that for real? You and I can’t possibly be as stupid as they have us made out to be, can we? I think not, Charlie Brown.

I tell ya what I can believe. I believe that this, too, shall pass and the “tea baggers,” which I consider myself to be one of them, shall prevail. I believe that we are the good guys, the salt of the earth. The centerpiece for common sense, the anchor that holds the ship steady during the storm. That’s you and me, partner and this silliness, I believe, will wash upon the shore as so much debris before too much longer.

Stay tuned, check yer chinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.

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