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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 2-8-10

Gentle readers, I would trust that most of us understand the term “equity.” There are different kinds of equity. There is equity in your home, your marriage, your children and numerous other examples. For rural folks, and I’m talkin’ about farm and ranch folks, there is more than one kind of equity in their farm and ranch.

Sweat equity comes to mind. A farm or a ranch is a never-ending chore. You don’t stop at 5 in the evening and go home. You might on some occasions get that opportunity to quit early and go to the your kid’s basketball game or some other event like your local cattleman’s meeting. Farm and ranch people are so far removed from many of our urban friends that buy that 35 in the country and have no idea what it would be like if it were 3,500 or 35,000 acres to manage a livelihood from.

Too many times in the scenic areas of our beautiful state where the view of mountains and fast-running water and wildlife seduce city folks to come and purchase a get-a-way for a few days or a few weeks a year. They get irritated if they are on the side of a beautiful mountain and some rancher’s cows have “dumped” on the road leading to their place. Oh they wouldn’t mind if it were elk or deer doing that little chore, but “come on … COWS!”

They have no sweat equity like the cowman does, nor do they have a “desperate” love for the land and animals like a cowman does. The kind of things that bend and reshape a man’s body, and not in a good way, can also straighten out his soul. You’ve heard it said that “the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man.” That goes for just being outside many times to give your spirits a boost. I know that on many occasions when a blizzard is raging and I get cabin fever, I will just go down to the barn and hang out with the horses. May sound a little “silly,” but it works for me. You may have heard about the old cowboy tell the judge that he “was bending over backwards tryin’ to straighten up!” I do that myself sometimes and I bet you do also.

We agriculture folks are just as different many times from our city cousins as conservatives are from the far left. There may be no middle ground. It is what it is.

I will end with one more little gripe and that is I really can get upset with folks, especially those that claim to be cattle people, that look me square in the eye and tell me something intended to be the truth and then turn around and do the opposite. That type of behavior doesn’t lend itself to what usually separates farm and ranch people from those that tell untruths constantly and think nothing about it. It’s their means of getting ahead. Enough said.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and think about where your equity lies. c. ya.

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