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Tales from the O-NO Ranch

Do you remember, gentle readers, when you were children and in the month of November at your school, and your teacher had you make decorations about the pilgrims and their first Thanksgiving?

Let me get this sidebar out of the way now so I can go on with my column. It has come to pass that I have taken note that my last name “Hanks” is in the word Thankgiving, and the word “grim” is in pilgrims.

Moving right along here … if I had been told by my teacher that more than likely the pilgrims and the native Indians that shared their meal with them had head lice and maybe suffered from bedbug bites and all smelled like wood smoke and wet soil and turkey innards, I might not have been able to color them so happy.

But ya know what? They were happy by all accounts. They had nothing to measure their situation by. They had no yardstick that would reveal what lay ahead in the future ” things like microwave ovens, Dallas Cowboys against the Washington Redskins, large homes with central heat, indoor plumbing, daily showers and Tums.

All they knew was what was available to them at the present and they felt blessed.

Compared to them and their situations … how do you feel as Thanksgiving is at hand? Do you feel blessed? I certainly do. I will be with family in a warm and loving home with the sweetest little grandkids on the earth running aorund not having a clue as to what will be down the road for them in the next 20 years or so.

There will be the sad family gatherings where there is an empty chair. The Fence Post own “Bee Man,” Tom Theobald, lost his lovely wife, Barbara to cancer just recently and he suffers greatly at this time. I know that there are many, many others.

As you take your seat at the dinner table or in a chair next to a hospital bed, bow your head and give thanks for the good things, the good times lost and the good times to come. Our very lives are a gift and they are precious. They have a value beyond measure and sometimes are not fully appreciated until lost.

I do wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving and don’t be a turkey and stuff yourselves too much at one time!

Stay tuned,check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.


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