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Tales from the O-NO Ranch

Does it make you uncomfortable to have someone try to stare you down? Now if it’s some sort of creep that’s starin’ at you little darlins’, I’m sure it must be a little unnerving.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, men try to intimidate other men by trying to make eye contact and stare that person down. That’s really kind of stupid I think, but it’s just something that men have to put up with from time to time.

I hardly ever got into a stare-down with another man unless I was really in a foul mood and didn’t really concern myself with what the end result might be. Never had anyone come over and punched my lights out on a stare down.

I’ve been told that you should not make eye contact with a young horse when you are in certain critical stages of training. I have tried it both ways and it seems to work best if you avoid eye-to-eye contact with a colt until he or she has complete confidence in you and your bonding ability.

I have a thing about women with beautiful eyes. That’s how I got my present lady friend. We got to makin’ eyes at each other and she has to have the most beautiful big brown eyes I have ever laid eyes on! We get into a stare down on occasion and it’s all in fun. I usually blink first.

Now there is one thing that I will admit to right here and now … when a little kid puts the “stare down” on me, I just give up right away. You can’t intimidate a 2-year-old ” you just can’t do it. They will look you over until you just sort of want to be somewhere else.

Last Sunday there was a little 2- or 3-year-old girl with dark curls and big brown eyes latched onto the back of the pew in front of me and she was puttin’ the stare down on me. I was doin’ my best to sing and not be distracted. I would look away and look back only to find her expression had not changed nor had her stare. Finally, after she had wasted me to just a former shell of myself, she turned back around and let me live.

I can be in the grocery store and the next thing I know some little kid in a shopping cart just up ahead of me is puttin’ the “stare down” on me. I’m hoping that there is nothing in that aisle that I have to have so I can just scoot on around and take care of business. I love those little buggers, I really do. I just wish I was man enough and tough enough to not have to blink first!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I do hope you had a good “turkey day!” C. ya.


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