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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 3-29-10

Mad Jack Hanks
Wellington, Colo.

Dear gentle readers, today is a disappointing day for me due to the recent behavior of our government on national health care. I watched most of the proceedings and I’m so frustrated to see what’s going on in this country I wanted to write about my feelings on the subject, but, I’m too upset to do so. So … I’ll submit this poem which might have a little something to do with health care and maybe my eyes won’t bleed from expressing myself on current events in our nation’s capitol.

Bronc Stompin’ Stan

Bronc Stompin’ Stan

was one heck of a man.

He had good looks,

never went by the books

and he spent many a free night

in the county can.

He could drink and fight

and dance all night.

Sobriety and common sense

were never his friend.

He had a sweet wife

who endured all this strife,

but enough was enough,

somehow it had to end.

Every night when Stan stumbled in,

waylaid was he with a rollin’ pin,

cause when he was drunk

he wasn’t all that tough.

When that tactic failed and their marriage

on troubled waters sailed,

She sought professional advice.

Her counselor said,

“don’t hit him in the head,

Be sweet and treat him real nice.

It’s called psychology in reverse.

Treat him really sweet,

rub his back and his feet

and you’ll see no more outburst.

Tonight when he comes in drunk

and acts like a skunk,

Crawl up in his lap and

offer him LOVE!

He’ll be so amiss, he’ll give you a kiss

and coo like a lovesick dove.”

That night when ole Stan stumbled in,

she met him with a grin,

Wearin’ nothin’ but the smile on her face.

“Sit down honeybun,

Let’s have us some fun

and all of your troubles I’ll erase.

Just hold me real tight with all your might-

I just don’t want you to feel alone”

Ol’ Stan said, “I reckon I might as well

cause I’m sure to catch hell

the very minute I get myself home!”

I reckon ol’ Stan might be in E.R. right about now! Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.