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Tales from the O-NO Ranch

Actually gentle readers, naked women have nothing to do with wild cows, but they will be a part of this column. Got yer attention anyway, didn’t I?

Son Andy, recently told me that his youngest son, Isaiah Jack, blew him away the other day at the breakfast table. Little Isaiah, who is 4, came to the table and looking out from under his curly blond mop through baby blue eyes he replied, “Dad, last night I dreamed that a naked lady came up to me and she kissed me!”


After a brief pause, Isaiah looked up again and quipped, “Too late, dad, I already done it!” Cute, don’t ya think?

Now to the wild cow part of this column:

I was at a dance, sitting at the family table the other night, visiting with fellow Texan and once cowboy, Eddie. We were swappin’ tales like cowboys are programmed to do. Eddie and I have mutual friends down in the Andrews, Texas, area, and it’s just part of the “cowboy circle” that I so often write about.

Eddie says, “I was workin’ for this feller out of Andrews back in the late ’60s. He had an old cow that had lost her calf and he put a goat on her so she would stay fresh until he could find another calf to nurse. The ole cow took to that goat as if she had given birth to it, and you didn’t want to make her think that you were going to do any harm to her new baby, or she would eat you alive.

“The boss finally found a calf for the ole sister and we drove out in the pasture one evening to get the cow and the goat back to the corrals. We were in an open-top Jeep and I was going to rope that ole goat and drag it into the Jeep and off we would go to the pens. At least that was the plan …

“We caught the goat off away from the ole cow and I stuck a loop on her. About the time I got that stinkin’ goat up to pull it into the Jeep, that ole cow came a’ runnin’ and a bellerin’ right for the Jeep. We took off but she caught up and stuck her head right in the driver’s side of the Jeep, and got her horn stuck through the steering wheel. I reckon she decided she needed to be drivin’ since we had her darlin’ baby in there. It was one Texas-sized wreck before it was all done!” Eddie didn’t elaborate after that and I didn’t try to pry more out of him. I can only figure that it was indeed quite an affair before it was over.

Well, got a little rain and snow last night and it’s in the 30s here this last week of April. I’ll take just about anything I can get in the way of moisture at this time. Hope you done better than me.

Stay tuned, check your cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya!


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