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Tales from the O-NO Ranch

It seems, gentle readers, that I always get restless this time of the year; don’t know why, but I do. Spring seems to be available by just a turning of the page, but I know we still have some cold and snow to deal with. I remember as a lad, being in school this time of year and gettin’ all unsettled because I wanted the school year to be over with so I could ride my pony and goof off all summer.

As I observe my own horses here at the O-NO Ranch and the abundance of antelope that are running in bigger-than-normal numbers this year ” all seem a little restless for some reason. Maybe it’s because we have just had a lot of cold, windy, snowy days and all creation is ready for that first real sign that maybe, just maybe, we have turned the corner to warmer and more settled weather.

At this writing, Valentine’s Day is two days away and Little Miss Martha would have had her 63rd birthday last Saturday. I sent all the grandkids a valentine card and bought one for my sweet, red haired, gorgeous girlfriend, Jane. I got tickled at Jane at the Farm Show in Greeley. She went with me as I entertained a nice, large group of folks. After the entertainment a lot of the audience came by to purchase a book or a calendar, which Jane was helping me dispose of. One feller that I’ve known for a good many years stopped, looked Jane over, looked at me and then ask, “Mad Jack, is this your daughter?” Jane is a few years younger than myself, but could still pass for someone 20 years younger and do it with ease.

I’m wanting to pick up a few yearling steers to run on the place this summer and I’m restless because I just don’t know if we are going to have enough grass here at the place this spring or not. I have had less snow than some of my neighbors to the South, and what I had all drifted up around the house and in the corrals. The big drifts are a shadow of what they were a week ago and it’s purty sloppy around the place right now.

I got restless after church yesterday and drug ole “Bubba”, my big bike, out of the garage and made a little run up to Cheyenne, Wyo., which is just about 25 miles to my north. It was windy and chilly and the folks that I saw out and about up at Cheyenne seemed to be a little restless themselves. I know that they are ready for all the snow to melt and the wind to lay down so they can enjoy some nicer days.

Give me about four or five weeks and I’ll be past this restless stage and hopefully, I’ll have gotten these ole ponies legged up a little and be ready to make a branding or two this spring.

Let me test your mental skills here and give you a little test. I want you to read the following statement through one time and then tell me how many “F’s” there are in it.

“Yesterday, a few minutes of five, I got a call from a feller in West Virginia and of all the readers that form an opinion of me by reading my column, he was one of the most interesting folks I’ve visited with.”

How many “f’s” dig you count? Five? Actually, there are TEN, yes there are. Go back and recount and don’t skip the “of’s” in the sentence. It seems our minds cannot compute the word “of” when we are counting the “f’s”.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.


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