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Tales from the O-NO Ranch

Some 17 years ago when I first started my cartoon panel, “Hoots from the O-NO Ranch”, I always envisioned being able to buy a place and call it the O-NO Ranch. For many many years, my family always lived in someone else’s house on someone else’s ranch because that was my lot in life, as I preferred it to be that way.

All of the good and great cartoonists down through the years have always named their “digs” in some humorous way. For example, Lex Grahmn calls his cartoon and his place, the Back Forty. Ace Reid’s “Cowpokes” cartoons came from his U Lazy S ranch and Mike Scovel’s characters for the Leanin’ Tree Greeting card company come from his YME ranch.

It was a long five years before we were able to buy this little place up here close to the Wyoming border in Colorado that I affectionally call the O-NO ranch. It’s not big, but big enough to handle a few yearlings through the summer and fall grazing season and to keep some ponies around all the time.

I sent the Colorado Brand Board some suggestions that might work in different forms of O-NO. I was turned down on all of them, as there were already brands in Colorado that were too close to what I wanted. I chose another brand and used it on cattle from time to time. I was somewhat disappointed, but, heck, that’s life! We don’t always get what our little hearts desire.

I have been out here on my O-NO Ranch for some 12 years now and I haven’t been as “gung-ho” as I was in the past about the place since Little Miss Martha passed away. Oh yeah, I keep it up, run cattle when the weather allows me, and of course, it is my home. I received a letter not too long ago from out on the plains from Le Roy in the Stratton area. Seems ole Le Roy and his family just happen to own the O-NO Colorado brand and he offered to sell it to me.

“Mad Jack, I want you to have this brand, it just needs to be yours,” as I recall Le Roy saying or something very much to that effect. We talked about it off and on over several weeks and worked us out a deal and gentle readers, it came to pass where Mad Jack Hanks, cowboy cartoonist and owner of the O-NO Ranch finally is getting the O-NO brand to stick on his cattle.

I will share the brand with my son who runs cattle on the western slope on his place in Glade Park, Colo. I have to tell ya that I am thrilled to be able to have that brand that goes with this little place that I dreamed up some 17 years ago.

Thank You Le Roy for making this possible for me. We will use the brand in a way that represents the traditions of our western way of life and may it be passed on down through time in our family.

I do hope that you all enjoyed your Easter. I have had the good rains and some good wet snow to go with it; the grass is comin’ up green and I’m gettin’ primed to buy some cattle and try out that new brand.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.


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