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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 4-12-10

I ain’t quite figured out

how it turns out so

that I get this peaceful feelin’

when I’m always on the go.

It sometimes happens with a good hoss

‘tween my knees,

a’checkin’ newborn calves amongst

a warm springtime breeze.

Or it just might be when I’m stackin’

hay bales up in the barn

My lower back starts a’talkin’ to me

and it’s only the middle of the morn.

And on occasion when I’m puttin’

shoes on my ole hoss,

My eyes are winkin’ at the sun

and full of sweat,

and for words I’m at a loss.

Got no palm pilot, Blackberry, I Pod,

or gadgets such as that.

Them things that distract a man

and keep ’em lazy and fat.

It just might be in this ole world

a little less stress,

a few less visits to the Doc

and I can only guess …

That if every soul could walk in my boots

take off the tie and ditch the suits,

Lay down and sleep unassisted

through the night,

Rise on the morn and find

their world to be all right.

Country folks don’t worry much

’bout their kids.

‘Cause their heads have been

screwed on straight.

The little buttons work hard

and plan ahead

And know full well

to pull their weight.

So pard, if this morning you find

yerself depressed,

Go find a hoss to ride

and you won’t be so stressed.

It just might be that’s something

thats out of yer reach.

But surely you have understood

this lesson I’ve tried to teach.

You too can be a cowboy

if only in yer mind.

It just might be you too can whip and spur

if you’ll just take the time.

Take time, gentle readers to get out this spring and enjoy the blessings of this time of the year. I trust you had a happy Easter. Stay tuned check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.


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