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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 4-19-10

“Just write it down.” How many times have you wished you had just written it down? A PIN number, a combination, a street address and last but not least, a name? I wish I had a nickel for each and every time that I have forgotten someone’s name that I was just introduced to.

For many years, as most of you know, I was a vendor at the National Final’s Rodeo, Cheyenne Frontier Days and the National Western Stock Show. Without fail, someone would come up to me, introduce themselves and we would carry on a 20-minute conversation. They would wind up buying several art prints, or an original, or a couple of books, a calendar or whatever and then ask me to sign them all.

“Sure, I’ll be happy to sign them. Are they for you or someone else,” I would ask.

“Oh, just sign them to me, they’re all for me,” would be the reply.

“Now how is it you spell your name I would ask,” after I had completely let it slip my mind.

“IT’S BOB, B … O … B!”

“Of course, I just didn’t know if you went by Robert or not,” I would sneakily say.

I’ll hit the big seven O in a couple of weeks and yes, it seems to be harder and harder to remember small things like why am I in the grocery store? What did I come here to buy? Why am I standing here in the closet? Is it to get a shirt, a pair of jeans, boots or a belt or am I standing here because I am lost? It’s not quite that bad, gentle readers, but it seems so.

I used to require my cowboys to carry note pads and pens in their pickups or on their person when they were out checking cattle. There are tag numbers on cattle that might need to be noted or a new neighbor who’s upset about something or other and there is only so much room on a pair of chaps (shaps) or gloves to write on.

There have been numerous times in the middle of the night that I would come half awake with words, good words with meaning swimming around in my brain that needed to go into a really good poem or a song or a column. I would tell myself, “Mad Jack, get up, write it down, write it down son! No, no if I get up I’ll be wide awake and I won’t be able to go back to sleep and I need my sleep, I’ll remember, I know I will.” Sure I did and so did you. Ha! I didn’t have a clue, didn’t even know how to get started remembering all those good words, those words with meaning. The one’s that would make you sit up and take notice. Nope, I’ve learned my lesson, I try and just write it down when I feel the need.

By the way, does anyone remember when spring is really supposed to get here? Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya. WRITE IT DOWN!


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