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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 4-26-10

I have some real issues, gentle readers, with folks that expect to get something without having made any effort to earn whatever it is they expect to get.

I have had employees on the ranches I have managed that expected to hide out, goof off and put a good verbal spin on their side of the argument as to why they shouldn’t be fired. They got fired. It’s like a cartoon I did once of a ranch hand talkin’ to his boss and he sez, “Fire me, what for, I ain’t done nothin!”

When we first moved from Texas to the Ridgway, Colo., area to manage a ranch there I was confronted with a situation where a part-time employee who operated a backhoe seemed to never show up on time to do the task asked of him. He was a skilled operator but he was also a doper. I had been told that he might be stealing tools and whatever to help finance his drug habit. There were times when he wouldn’t show up at all and after I felt like I had done my homework I confronted him the next time he showed up on the ranch. I drove up to the job site, got him off the backhoe and took him to the office and wrote out his last check. He was furious. Of course he was mad at me but I also believe down deep he was mad at himself for getting his life in such a revolting situation.

He left the ranch and that night he posted big signs along the highway near the headquarters that went something like this: “Stupid Texans think they can manage ranches! There have been folks in our country that have gotten something for nothing ever since that Texan, Lyndon Johnson, created his ‘great society.’ ” That was one monumental stupid decision, in my humble opinion, that was ever made and enforced. I think that folks in those situations could have always took one welfare check and bought a used lawn mower and made more money in the summer than they could have trying to make babies to get more government money. In the winter they could buy a snow shovel and shovel sidewalks but that takes a little energy and a feeling of pride to do that. Hey, I know, it’s just easier to sit on yer can and take a government handout that comes out of mine and your pockets.

There are always ways to find work to do and survive. Wouldn’t it be nice if folks that lived in government projects and the “ghettos” would get out, form a cooperative and clean up all the destruction? Wouldn’t it be nice if our government required it of them? This government of ours need to “saddle up-cowboy” and put a stop to all this “something for nothing” that is going to ruin America.

I was sitting at a stop light the other day where a “bum” was sitting on his can lookin’ like something a junk yard dog had drug in. He was holding a sing that read, “On the road – need help.” The young woman in front of me held three dollars out the window and he got up and painfully hobbled out to her car and took the money and then he forgot for a brief moment that he wasn’t crippled and strode back to his former position only to remember to limp just before he got there. I’m done, I’ll get off my soap box for now.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.


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