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Tales from the O-NO Ranch

Wind sure can be agitating at times. Really! This is one of those Monday mornings where I got up to a howlin’ wind outside here in the middle of April. Gentle readers, I have to admit, sometimes a constant barrage of wind can really depress me.

Usually this time of year the wind has settled somewhat and we begin to have softer breezes unless a thunderstorm is brewing.

We had a long, long winter with constant winds that made the winter seem even longer. Last year, nearly all of last year was windy and it just gets to you after a while. Maybe it’s because I live alone sort of out in the “boonies” and I start to feel like some of the pioneer women I’ve read about on the high plains of the Texas panhandle. The wind blows there like it does here in northern Colorado. Some of what I’ve read about the early cattlemen who settled that part of Texas lived in dugouts because of the lack of lumber to build houses out of. Those ole dirt dugouts with dirt floors and a dirt roof with maybe only one or two windows in the front had to be dismal at best. Especially to some young girl or woman who had moved to the frontier with her husband to start a new and adventurous life.

I’ve read where these women were left alone many times all day and in some cases for days at a time. With the constant threat from roving Comanches and the wind blowing across the prairie day and night with very few calm days was too much. Many women left and went back East, while others who couldn’t leave simply shot themselves.

Well, I’m sure not goin’ to shoot myself and of course I know that wind is necessary to generate power from these big wind turbines which incidentally are just a little North and East of me, and then the windmills that produce stock water. There is always a pickup load of trash that has accumulated down along the creek during the winter months. I don’t know where it all comes from, it just arrives every spring like the Robins. There are feed sacks, paper cups, cardboard boxes, fast food containers, pop and beer cans and you name it, it’s more than likely down on the creek. Some day when the wind is NOT blowin’ and it’s warm enough to go do a good cleanup, I’ll get’er done.

Speakin’ of warm, it has not warmed up enough to grow any grass here on the O-NO Ranch. Nope, the ole ponies have to be fed every morning to have enough to make a day out of it. They are chasin’ every little green sprig that tries to get above ground and survive. Today it is supposed to rain this evening and maybe tomorrow but it will remain very cool. I like the rain part and if it takes a lot of wind to get it here, then so be it. There goes a small box blowin’ down the road towards the neighbors and at least we don’t have the huge pile of tumbleweeds that we have had in the past. There is always a reason to feel blessed, right.

Okay, I feel blessed. I’ll stop complainin’ about the wind and hope that you guys have a great week, a wonderful spring with lots of grass and fat calves, gentle ponies and neighbors that help with their share of fence fixin’!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.


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