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Tales from the O-NO Ranch

I was trying to come up with an appropriate title for this week’s column and it wasn’t until I heard a song come on the radio by the same title that I said to myself, “Jack, my boy, that’s the title you need to use!”

It appears to me that Mother Nature just has a way of takin’ care of business. You gentle readers know how long I have prayed for the plague to sweep across this country up here and give myself and my neighbors some relief from all these prairie dogs that are and have devastated our land.

All of a sudden I see no activity in my prairie dog town or those that surround my general area. I have seen less than six total of the nasty little critters in the dog towns close by. I hope that they will not survive either. I know that sounds cruel to some of you, but you don’t have to deal with them, do you?

I just returned from a trip up to Glade Park to see son, Andy, and his tribe of Hankses and to deliver a branding iron to him. All of Colorado is beautiful right now for the most part and especially the snow covered peaks standing tall against the cobalt blue sky that we are so blessed with. My attention was drawn, however, to the great number of evergreen trees that are dying because of pine beetles.

Yep, our beautiful forest, our overgrown forest that has not been thinned out in many, many years are being taken care of by pine beetles. Some times it’s a lightning strike that starts a forest fire or an insect that attacks the trees that are the weakest because they are not getting the minerals and nutrients that they need because of overcrowding. Yes, I’m aware that man is also responsible for doing damage to the balance of nature by building condos, ski slopes, mining waste and so on. But in the great scope of things Mother Nature upchucks thousands and thousands of prairie dogs because they are ripping her beautiful dress to shreds and she sends the beetles into the forest to thin it out because it is choking for lack of air and substance.

There may be some really big fires this summer if they ever get started because of the dead and dying trees. We will wring our hands because of the waste that will remain but we will be responsible because we just love to love our forest and our critters to death.

Estes Park is overrun with too many elk and folks up there have a real problem on their hands. What to do, what to do?

Gasoline is $3.32 a gal because the “greenies” don’t want to allow any more refineries to be built and they don’t want to pull out any of the (at least from what I hear) 400 YEARS OF OIL RESERVES that we have here on our native soil and in our oceans. I reckon this will keep happening until politicians decide to quit folding like a cheap suit. Every time some politician like Owl Gore or some green radical group cries “foul”, we will pay maybe $4 or $5 or $6 bucks a gallon for gas.

Yes, I know the oil companies are “stickin” it to us and are getting filthy rich, but that’s the way our capitalist based system works. Make money for the stockholders, that’s the name of the game. We have a lot of problems in this country and there are ways to solve all of them and still not wreck our system or our beautiful country.

Mother Nature is doing her part; we need to do ours! Speakin’ of Mothers, I do hope all you moms out there got the royal treatment on Mother’s Day!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya!


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